Wildcats lose a tough battle against the Indians

  • Even though the Wildcats lost, there was still a memorable moment in the game. Senior Griffin Williams, #78, made his first touchdown, and Coach Sisco and other players run out to celebrate with him. Summer Bryant • The Madill Record
    Even though the Wildcats lost, there was still a memorable moment in the game. Senior Griffin Williams, #78, made his first touchdown, and Coach Sisco and other players run out to celebrate with him. Summer Bryant • The Madill Record

The Madill football team traveled to Plainview to play the Indians on October 9. The Wildcats knew all four quarters would be tough and the team would have to play hard. Although the Wildcats rallied in the third quarter, Madill lost the game 32 to 24. Head coach Chad Speer said even though they walked away with a loss, he was proud of the team’s resiliency and effort.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our effort and fight in the second half. To get down 25-3 in the third and battle back showed resiliency.”

The first quarter was challenging for the Wildcats. Plainview scored first with 4:57 left in the quarter. The Wildcats had good runs with Junior Kendall Robertson who had 131 passing yards and 14 carries for 42 yards would run for a first and goal. Speer gave credit to the Wildcats for their achievements in the game.

“Offensively we had a great first drive, had some positive plays just couldn’t stick it in once we got inside the five,” Speer said.

Sophomore Holden McGahey, with 38 total rushing yards, would attempt to run the ball into the end zone, but was stopped by Plainview‘s defense. Speer noted the defense worked hard, as well.

“I thought we did some great things on defense,” said Speer. “Some big stops on 3rd down early but gave up a few 4th down conversations when we had chances to make some plays.” Sophomore Rodrigo Villegas kicked a field goal with 40 seconds left in the quarter making a 6 to 3 game.

The second quarter was no easier for the Wildcats. The Madill defense had great stops but allowed Plainview to score with 5:15 left, bringing the score to 13 to 3. The Wildcats had a total of nine penalties costing the team a total of 65 yards. Speer said pre snap penalties and a lack of focus was the team’s ultimate demise for the game.

“The penalties definitely hurt us; mainly the pre snap penalties. I think they are just a lack of focus on our guys part,” said Speers. The wildcat defense could not stop the Plainview offense, who had a total of 344 total yards, but Speers said the team showed improvement from previous games.

“I thought our tackling improved from last week, but we aren’t where we need to be in that category yet,” Speer said. “We were a lot more physical tonight but didn’t wrap up like we needed to and didn’t gang tackle enough.”

Plainview would score again before halftime making it a 19 to 3 ball game.

The Wildcats allowed the Indians to score with three minutes knocked off the clock to begin the third quarter. Plainview attempted a two-point conversion, but Sophomore RJ Morris madethe stop. With the score 25 to 3, Madill refocused and started to rally. Kendall Robertson would find Sophomore Stephen Sisco who had 63 total yards for the night, for a wildcat touchdown.

With a 25 to 10 score, the best play of the game came from a reverse play with Junior Nick Northcutt ,,ho had 57 total yards in the game, threw to Kendall Robertson for a touchdown, bringing the score to 25 to 16. However, what happened next, one doesn’t see in a football game. The Wildcats went for a two-point conversion with 50 seconds left in the quarter. The play does not go as planned. Instead, Senior offensive lineman, Griffon Williams, was open and caught the pass. Speer said it may not have been planned, but it worked.

“The two-point conversion wasn’t a design for the OL unfortunately,” said Speer. “We had some confusion by a few guys. That was just some kids playing hard and they ended up making a play.”

The fourth quarter was intense from a deal that brought more penalties, a quarterback sack for a loss of 13 yards and allowing Plainview to score with 4:33 left in the game. Speer said that even though the game was not going as they planned, the Wildcats still played hard and gave their best.

“We had some easy things we missed early that are plays we need to make,” said Speer. “In the second half, we didn’t come out offensively how we would have liked, but the kids kept playing. I think we got a little tempo going which helped us find some rhythm I think.”

Madill took control of the ball for the last time and Kendall Robertson ran it in for a touchdown.

Madill will host the Pauls Valley Panthers for Senior night on Thursday, October 15, at 7:00 p.m. at Blake Smiley Stadium. Speer said there is no time rest and the team needs to be ready.

“We need to prepare better and be focused. [We] Have a short week this week with Pauls Valley coming to town,” Speer said. “It’s senior night and will be a great chance to honor the seniors and all of the hard work they have put into their careers here at Madill. We need to increase our focus this week. We need three great days of work and preparation.”