Knapp: What would Rosie the Riveter do?

Half the readers I hear from accuse me of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The other half accuse me of rabid Trump fandom. In truth, I think of US President Donald J. Trump in exactly the same way I think of most other politicians: He’s usually wrong and often dangerous. But when he’s right he’s right.

Historically Speaking: Tenure system then and now

A recent incident at the University of Oklahoma should have all people concerned, but for more reasons than you may think. A journalism professor made the comment that saying” OK, Boomer” to old people is the same as saying the “N-word” to black people. There were two problems for the professor. One, he did not say “N-word” but actually said the word. Secondly, for many there is no comparison. There are calls for his removal and many are angry that he is protected by tenure. More recently, a history professor at the same university read a document containing the same word. Again, students were offended and there have been calls for the professor’s removal. This of course has brought up the controversy of the tenure system and academic freedom. What may be difficult to understand is that, historically speaking, tenure is necessary, even when the offenses are unpopular.

Hamilton: What Congress represents

In one of the US Capitol hallways that House members pass through to get to the chambers, there’s an inscription of a comment by Alexander Hamilton. It reads simply, “Here, Sir, the people govern.”