How to spend quality time with your loved one while spending all your time together


In a generation of shakers and movers, weekly date nights are important for couples. It is typically one night that they carve out time to spend with each away from the chaos and hustle of the day-to-day grind. For many, that means dinner and a movie, concert or play.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of the entertainment businesses to shutter their doors. A person would hard pressed to find an open movie theater, or a place holding a concert or play. Even if one would be lucky enough to happen across an open one, the establishment would be only operating at half capacity, making it difficult to find a seat. That is the same with restaurants. True, they are open, so the couple can at least have a nice dinner. However, they might be waiting an hour to an hour and a half for a table.

Play a game

Break out the Boggle or start a friendly game of Pictionary. Kelton Research did a study and found that a balance between not fighting at all, and fighting all the time is optimal for a healthy relationship. A little bit of game competition is perfect to keep the relationship going on an even keel. Or course, the competition can turn bitter and turn the spark into an all-engulfing flame. So, no your boundaries. Remember, the game is for fun.

Eat take out by candlelight

Are you missing the ability to eat at the fancy restaurant because of the romantic ambience? That feeling can easily be reproduced in the home. One might be asking how take out can be romantic because people do it all the time. The difference is, instead of driving through McDonald’s for a 20-piece nugget, or a party pack of tacos from Taco Bell, try ordering take out from Olive Garden, and eat it at a table with candles and a nice tablecloth. Turning on some romantic music could help set the mood, as well.

Make dessert together

Once again, the weekly grind has sapped all of the romantic, fun loving feeling out the week, and it is difficult to make time for each other. Making dinner for a family of five who has alternating schedules can be a daunting task. For the couple trying to make quality time together, block off time specifically to cook or bake something. Of course, make sure the kiddos are in bed, so you and your significant other can focus on each other.

Take in a movie outside

If watching TV in the living room on the couch has become hohum, mix things up a little. Watch the movie outside. It is easy to set up a sheet on the outside wall of the house. Dust off the projector, and bring some chairs, and snacks and enjoy the outdoors. Of course, if the residence is anywhere in the south, be sure to have citronella candles to ward off those pesky mosquitos.

Have a tasting party

Want to feel like a celebrity at a wine tasting fund raiser? It is easy to recreate it. Buy different wines, and whiskies – alcohol can be replaced with any beverage – and do a tasting with your love. Try all the different varieties and discuss them at length. A cheese tray with sausages and meats can be added to give that extra oomph.

Create a bucket list

A bucket list is something people make to line out things they wish to accomplish in their lifetime, and it is the current fad. This can be a fun thing to do with your partner to get rid of the boredom from the pandemic. Sit down and plan adventures the two of you would like to do together. List all the places both of you have dreamed of visiting. To make it more fun, print off brochures to the exotic places on the list. Once the list is complete, commit to visit them when the pandemic allows. Until restrictions are lifted, use information from the brochures to recreate the vacation destinations inside the home.

There are countless other ideas for couples who are trying to keep the spark alive during the pandemic quarantine. Any of them will help draw the pair out of the day-to-day rut and liven up things a bit.