White: Marshall County bleeds red

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Many people say that loyalty and passion are dying arts, and that nobody teaches it to their children anymore. Well, I am here to attest that it is alive and well in Marshall County. The residents in Marshall County have loyalty and passion in spades. I learned this the hard way.

Last week, I wrote a story for the front page. In that story, I jumped the gun, and followed what many media sources where saying; I prematurely deemed Democrat Joe Biden as the new US President.

Many Marshall County residents messaged, emailed and wrote me letters to inform me that I was wrong. Biden had not been certified as president, yet, and that President Donald Trump still had a chance. Georgia was recounting votes, and none of them had been certified as of yet.

This loyalty reminded me of a movie adaptation of a book named The Outsiders. In this story, there are two opposing teenage gangs. One gang called the Socs only have loyalty to the almighty dollar. The Outsiders, on the other hand, have a deep-seeded loyalty to each other. Some of the member’s loyalties even proved fatal. Two members ultimately sacrificed themselves to give the other members a chance at a regular life.

I know I just veered off the subject a little bit, but I see this kind of loyalty in Marshall County. Not just loyalty to each other as a family, but to their beliefs and passion, and more importantly, to the president.

My intention of saying that Biden was the winner of the election was not to ruffle any feathers or spread false propaganda. I was simply reporting what I had found while researching.

I know the press does not certify the winner, they simply project the outcome due to current votes. I should have clarified more and noted that Biden is the projected winner, as the certification has not been done, yet. In the words of The Outsider Johnny, “Stay golden Pony Boy.”