Sounding off: Looking back & the week ahead

  • Sounding off: Looking back & the week ahead
    Sounding off: Looking back & the week ahead

As you can see this week, we’re trying something different.

With sports being on hold, the thought occurred to highlight some past Marshall County teams and their achievements.

Being the repository of Marshall County sports, I dug into the recent archives of The Madill Record.

The examples pulled this week are from the April 16, 2016 and April 18, 2018 issues of The Madill Record. I choose those particular weeks since they were closest to this week numerically for their respective years. Additionally, the articles I chose seemed to pop off the page, at least in their digital form.

These, along with other sports stories of years past can be access at www.madillrecord. net by following the Sedition link and going to Archive Issues. Our archives are available to all subscribers.

Both of the archived articles were pulled as they appeared in print. Additionally, both of them have new headlines to show they are older stories.

Another way we are looking back at the past, in this time of no sports, is a new feature called Sports History. Sports History is a compilation of events and milestones that happened from as early as 1876 to as recent as 2019.

The idea here is to look back at what happened, learn a little history and be entertained.

The reality is many of us are sick of being stuck at home watching the same replays of NBA playoff games and the like.

We all want things to get back to normal. This is just something designed to take your mind off of what has been a harsh time for all of us.

Please know that although our lobby is closed, you are welcome to e-mail with thoughts about these new features.

What I’m watching

Yes, I will find some way of watching or following this year’s NFL Draft. Frankly, I don’t watch a lot of live TV and there’s only so many times I can take Mel Kiper, Jr. mention a player’s lenght. Instead of watching live, I’ll probably find a way to stream it or regularly refresh ESPN’s homepage.

In the absence of baseball, I’ve become a devotee of a Youtube channel called Jomboy Media.

The channel is run by a pair of Yankees fans who break down fights from old MLB games as