Sand Bass Festival postponed


The National Sand Bass Festival typically happens around the first week of June. However, with the pandemic being in high gear in June, the event was rescheduled for August 4 through August 8.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is gaining steam and showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. This forced the event planners to postponedthe 2020 National Sand Bass Festival.

Donny Raley, who has been a part of the event planning process for many years, said two factors played in the decision to postpone; the pandemic and the heat. August is typically the hottest month of the year. Attendees and workers would be miserable, and the festival is about having fun.

The festival usually has different events to keep festival goers busy. The festival, which was postponed till June 2021, will have many of the regular events.

However, some things that might change are the entertainment. Neal McCoy, Frank Ray, Triston Marez, Austin French and the Stars Band were all slated to play for 2020 festival. Raley is not sure if they will be able to lock in the same entertainers for 2021, or if they will have to start from scratch.

Many residents took to Facebook to commend the event planners for postponing the festival.

One poster shared their viewpoint, and how the virus hit close to home.

“We were looking forward to it but also had reservations if we would go. Sad it’s cancelled but I believe this is a wise decision. Once you watch a family member go through Covid, you have a sobering appreciation for caution,” she posted.

Another poster commended the board for their tough, but correct decision.

“Thank you for thinking of the safety and well-being of all people attending your festival. We will catch you next year.”

Another poster used the Facebook post to air out their frustration.

“What a shame. Pitiful.”

Even though many people are using the term “cancelled” to describe the 2020 festival, Raley said it is merely postponed.