More information uncovered about inmate involved in rape charge announced last week

  • Roberts

In the June 25 issue of The Madill Record, it was reported that a former Marshall County Detention Officer was facing rape charges for having an intimate relationship with an inmate. Jennifer Marler-Bridgeman allegedly had an intimate relationship with Eric Roberts, an inmate of the Marshall County Jail.

This is where the story gets interesting. Marler-Bridgeman is facing rape charges because it is illegal for an officer to have an intimate relationship with anyone they are over. Eric Roberts, the alleged lover, was serving time in the jail at the time of the relationship. The interesting part is Roberts was a Department of Corrections inmate who was being housed through a DOC contract. Ironically, Roberts was serving time for sexual crimes.

Once upon a time, Roberts was an Oklahoma State Trooper. His entire world came crashing down in 2014. On July 23, 2014, the OHP received a complaint about Roberts. The call claimed that Roberts had allegedly pulled over a female for a traffic stop, then used his position of power to rape her.

The female claimed Roberts pulled her over, smelled marijuana then figured he would have his way with her. She claimed he said “you just made my day” and forced her into his car. He then allegedly turned off his mic and body cam and raped her.

After two more complaints, OHP suspended Roberts and took away his gun, badge and commission card. The Tulsa OHP took his patrol unit in for evidence. Ultimately, Roberts was charged with multiple crimes, such as two charges for Sexual Battery, four for Embezzlement, two for Soliciting a Prostitute, Forcible Sodomy, two Second-Degree Rapes, and two Officer Asking for a Bribe.

He pled guilty and was serving time for Sexual Battery, Soliciting a Prostitute, Embezzlement and Officer asking for a Bribe.

Roberts’ arrest was at an unfortunate time for Oklahoma’s law enforcement community as it came on the heels of two other officers using their position of power to sexually assault women.

Daniel Holtzclaw, an Oklahoma City Police Officer was convicted of Sexual Battery and Procuring Lewd Exhibition. Also, Gerald Nuckols, a Tulsa County Deputy was convicted of Sexual Battery.