“It was just a prank”; local man claims prank for taking motorcycle


Dillion Day, a 21-yearold male from Oakland was arrested following a call for suspicious activity. Madill Police Sergeant Andrew Adams received a call on July 11 at 1:19 a.m. about a male subject pushing a motorcycle down North Fifth and West Overton.

Adams arrived to the site and noticed a red Harley Davidson parked in the middle of the road. Once Adams had Marshall County Dispatch run the tags, and it came back clear, he was approached by the reporting party.

She stated that a white male, approximately five feet ten inches parked a dark colored Ford Escape in front of her residence and a short time later, came back pushing the motorcycle. She also gave a good description of the subject.

Officer TJ Moore waited with the motorcycle while Adams attempted to locate the owner. Adams made contact with a resident in the 400 block of West Overton, and inquired if she had noticed anybody pushing a motorcycle down the street.

Initially, she said no, but a short time later, flagged Adams down and informed him she just learned her boyfriend’s motorcycle was stolen.

While speaking with the victim’s girlfriend, she informed Adams that the thief was most likely her own brother, because he had recently made comments about stealing the motorcycle.

Adams asked her to describe her brother, Day, and it matched the reporting party’s description from earlier.

Adams inquired if she wanted charges pressed against him, and she said yes. She also requested that Day be Trespassed from her property, as well.

Adams requested that Marshall County Deputy Steven King accompany him and Moore in locating Day for his side of the story. The officers found Day near Eighth and Dillingham in a dark Ford Escape. They initiated a traffic stop, and questioned him on his whereabouts from earlier. Day stated that he was not anywhere near his sister’s house or the motorcycle.

This is when things escalated. Moore noticed a case to a firearm in the back seat of the car and advised Adams. Adams then asked Day where the firearm was located. Day looked toward the passenger seat and began reaching for an item. Adams instructed Day to keep his hands where he can see them. The firearm was loaded with one round.

At this point, Day told officers that he did take the motorcycle. According to the police report, Day said it was only to “play a prank on them.”

Adams took Day into custody and began searching him. The officer located Marijuana in his left sock, and a baggie with “white crystal-like substance” in his right front pocket.

After officers took Day to the Marshall County Jail to be booked in, Adams returned to the victim’s address to inquire if they were missing a firearm. The victim informed Adams that they were in fact missing their firearm, and described it.

The victim refused to fill out a statement against Day for the theft of the motorcycle and firearm. However, the suspect’s sister was not as understanding. She filed charges for Burglary.

Day was arrested First-Degree Burglary, Possession of CDS, and Possession of a Firearm After the Former Conviction of a Felony.

He is also facing charges in another county for Second-Degree Burglary, Possession of CDS, Carrying a Firearm While Under the Influence, Domestic Abuse/Assault and Battery, Kidnapping, and Domestic Abuse/Assault and Battery in the Presence of a Minor.