Be very quiet, I’m hunting mailboxes


Four male suspects, three adults, and one juvenile, was arrested on January 26 for poaching deer – and mailboxes.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, Marshall County Deputies were dispatched to the Oakview area of the county.

The call was in regards to possible poaching in the area.

The reporting party described a white GMC truck that had occupants – later identified as Bobby Buckaloo, Byron Beshirs, Isaac Looney and an unnamed juvenile – firing a gun from the vehicle.

Once deputies arrived on scene, the reporting party notified Deputy Mandy Gerard that they found several mailboxes brandishing bullet holes, and thought the suspects must have been shooting the mailboxes instead of poaching.

Apparently, the suspects in the truck was not satisfied with not being caught, because the quartet showed up on scene while Gerard was getting the information for the police report.

As Gerard was photographing the evidence of the mailbox poachers, the truck “pulled up and stopped in the roadway several hundred yards from where she was standing.”

Just as Gerard cautioned the reporting party to get away from the threat of possible danger, one of the occupants of the truck fired a single shot from the cab then take off like a rocket.

Gerard radioed into dispatch to inform them that shots had been fired, and she needed additional units to respond.

While responding to Gerard’s call for backup, one officer found the vehicle near the intersection of Lark Road and Drew Avenue in the Sanders Island View area. Once deputies approached the vehicle, they found the four suspects, along with a deer rifle, beer, a marijuana pipe, a deer carcass and a hunting light.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office charged Buckaloo, Beshirs and Looney for Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and Public Intoxication. Buckaloo was also charged with Carrying a Firearm While Under the Influence, and Discharging a Firearm in Public.

Oklahoma Wildlife Officers were also dispatched to the scene to investigate the poaching of the deer. Knowing this, the suspects might be facing additional charges.