Kingston votes on contracts


On Tuesday December 8, 2020, the Kingston City Council held their monthly meeting to discuss the recent agenda as well as go over budgeting disputes and building compliance issues. The meeting was held at Kingston City Hall and was open to the public.

After the first set of approved agenda items, one item was left tabled due to the uncertainty of possible issues on a new water line hookup on N. Marshall. They wanted to be sure it was done correctly. The next item on the docket was the agreement contracts between the police department and the schools to help keep the children safe before, during and after school. This item, which has been on the books for years, was approved pending the school boards agreement to the terms.

Next up on the docket was Fire Chief James Kuykendall who discussed his concerns with the board about not feeling completely confident in signing off on the inspection report without a city building inspector present as they do not currently have one. They are currently taking applications for that position. The concern is for the building safety of a marijuana grow facility on highway 70. The board agreed with Kuykendall, but still backed him on keeping within his job the way he knows how.

Shortly after the next agenda was read by Mayor Robbie Kendrick, the council entered into an Executive Session to discuss a few pay raises and promotions. First and foremost, Kingston Assistant Police Chief Chris Watson was appointed as Kingston’s newest police chief as well as Officer John (Steve) Miller being appointed as his assistant. Following the two appointments, two other raises were given. Officer Kevin Smith and Bernd Zell both received raises for their service.

Following the appointments and raises, Kuykendall spoke again on behalf of the Cares Act to ensure the city is getting everything needed to continue during this tough time affecting everyone.

The last speaker before adjournment was Donny Santino to discuss the safety ofthe road workers and the lack of safety lighting on the new public works vehicles. The motion was approved.