Hush Puppies Recipe


Hush puppies are made up of corn meal batter that has garlic powder, onion powder and a hint of paprika for some added spice. The cornmeal batter has flour, cornmeal, a little sugar and buttermilk as a sweetener and aiding in smoothing the batter. Mixed these all together and your batter is thick, rich and creamy. Perfect for dropping into a heated skillet filled with oil.


Oil: Used for frying

Flour: This is a main ingredient that thickens the hush puppies and gives it the texture it needs to be fried.

Cornmeal: Is an additive that is finely ground up maize.

Sugar: This is used to give a sweet taste to the hush puppies.

Baking Powder: Helps rise and increase the dough as well as lighten the texture.

Salt: Just a pinch!

Garlic Powder: Adds in a garlic flavoring.

Onion Powder: Gives an onion flavor without the texture.

Paprika: A hint of spice.

Pepper: Just a bit

Large Egg: This helps bind the hush puppies together.

Buttermilk: Sweet and creamy milk.

Cold Butter: This helps in expanding the dough that creates pockets of air in the dough making it light and fluffy on the inside.

Tartar Sauce: Used for dipping the hush puppies into.

Preheat oil: Preheat 2 inches of oil in a large skillet to 365 degrees.

Mix together the dough: In a medium sized mixing bowl add the flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and pepper. Add the egg and buttermilk and stir until combined. Stir in cubed butter.

Cook in oil: Drop the batter by rounded teaspoonfuls in the hot oil. Let cook until they are golden brown 2-3 minutes. Remove with a metal strainer on a paper toweled lined plate.

Serve with tarter sauce if desired.