4H Banquet winners

  • Chance Whitman
    Chance Whitman
  • William Taylor
    William Taylor
  • Cole Stepp
    Cole Stepp
  • Zoey Goff
    Zoey Goff
  • Eli West
    Eli West
  • Hayden Harper
    Hayden Harper
  • Colton Hunt
    Colton Hunt
  • Devon Taylor All photos are courtesy photos
    Devon Taylor All photos are courtesy photos
  • Jackson Harper
    Jackson Harper
  • Katherine Taylor
    Katherine Taylor
  • Marshall Cantrell
    Marshall Cantrell
  • Tillie Chapa
    Tillie Chapa
  • Jarron Cantrell
    Jarron Cantrell
  • Leah Meo
    Leah Meo
  • Samantha Hunt
    Samantha Hunt
  • Trevor Meo
    Trevor Meo

The Marshall County 4-H Awards Banquet was held in September, recognizing the achievement of 4-H members throughout the 2019-2020 year. Like many things, the 4-H banquet looked a little different this year, but we were just as proud of our 4-H members as always!

Our 2020 Junior Green Award recipients were Jarron Cantrell, Marshall Cantrell, Tillie Chapa, Zoey Goff, Jackson Harper, Leah Meo, Trevor Meo, Devon Taylor, and William Taylor. The Senior Green Award recipients were Hayden Harper, Colton Hunt, Samantha Hunt, Cole Stepp, Katherine Taylor, Eli West, and Chance Whitman. Top Salespersons for the year were: 1st place- Zoey Goff, 2nd place- Jackson Harper, and 3rd place- Cole Stepp.

The Marshall County Fair Board recognized Eli West as the Top Fair Exhibitor in 2019, while Marshall County OHCE recognized Zoey Goff and Hayden Harper for their top Family Consumer Sciences work. The “I Dare You” award went to Samantha Hunt, while Cole Stepp and Eli West were recognized for Advanced Achievement for winning their state project areas. Samantha Hunt and Cole Stepp were presented their portraits from winning the 2019 4-H County Hall of Fame.

Each year, Marshall County 4-H names the top two members of the year in each age group. The Junior 4-H Members of the Year were Devon Taylor and William Taylor, while Katherine Taylor and Eli West were named Senior 4-H Members of the Year. Marshall County 4-H is proud of our members, and looks forward to seeing each of them grow as leaders in our community.