Two murders; two sister counties


Two people in two different neighboring counties were arrested for Murder over the weekend. Cory Boykin, a 33-year-old male from Tishomingo was arrested on November 22, 2020 after what the sheriff’s office is deeming an act of Domestic Violence. Johnston County deputies responded to a Domestic Disturbance call at a residence on West 24th Street near Tishomingo.

Once officers arrived on scene, they found a woman unconscious and severely beaten. She was originally transported to Mercy Hospital in Atoka but was transferred to OU Medical Trauma Center in Oklahoma City and was later pronounced dead. Officers stated that Boykin ran away at first but returned home. They found him hiding in a closet. Boykins was taken into custody after a brief altercation with the officers.

He is currently in the Johnston County Jail where he will be facing First-Degree Murder and various other charges. An online search only found a traffic violation as an Oklahoma prior conviction.

Neighboring Atoka County had a Murder arrest, as well. Holly Kellogg, a 49-year-old female from Atoka was arrested on November 22, 2020 after a months’ long investigation. The case began on July 17, 2020 when Kellogg called 911 and informed dispatch that she had killed Curtis Pines.

Kellogg told investigators that she received a phone call from a minor in the Pines’ residence and could hear screaming between Pine and the minor’s mother. Allegedly, Kellogg drove up to the residence, .22 pistol in hand, and witnessed the minor crawling out of the bedroom window and told Kellogg she just “had to get away.”

Kellogg then said she entered the residence and fired a bullet at the floor to stop the arguing. Then, she alleged that Pines walked toward her in a “fast stride” with the “look of the devil in his face.” She claimed she feared for her life, so she fired two bullets into his chest.

Kellogg is facing First-Degree Murder charges and has a $1 million-dollar bond. Kellogg, like Boykin, only shows traffic violations on their Oklahoma record.