Two people arrested for multiple types of theft after investigation

  • Nathan Smith Courtesy photo
    Nathan Smith Courtesy photo
  • Hope (Rowe) Smith Courtesy photo
    Hope (Rowe) Smith Courtesy photo

Two out-of-towners were arrested on multiple charges after an interesting trip to Walmart last week. On December 12, Madill Police Officer Chris Smith received a call from Daniel Tallack from Walmart Loss Prevention. Tallack informed Smith that he was about to make contact with a male and female, later identified as Nathan Smith and Hope Smith Rowe because they were shoplifting.

Smith arrived on scene and proceeded to the Loss Prevention Office to find Tallack sitting with both suspects. Tallack informed Smith that the suspects used the self-checkout and attempted to leave the store with $179 worth of merchandise, but only paid $12.70. Tallack also noted that both suspects have been in trouble at several Walmart locations in the past.

Smith placed both suspects in custody and while searching Hope, found more items stashed away on her person. Typically, this is where most stories end, with the suspects being booked into jail. However, this story has more to it.

Tallack told Smith he needed to know the location of the suspect’s vehicle so he could have it removed from the property. Nathan told Smith the vehicle was on row eight and was a white Hyundai. Both Tallack and Smith searched for the white Hyundai, and it was not on row eight.

Smith asked the suspect again where the car was parked. This time, Nathan told the officer that it was a silver Hyundai.

Tallack searched for the car while Smith transported both suspects to the Marshall County Jail. Tallack located the vehicle and sent Smith a photo of the license plate, then Smith confirmed his gut instinct—that the car was stolen. Smith contacted Lighthorse Police and advised them he was in possession of the stolen car they had put a BOLO out on a few days prior. Lighthorse contacted the victim and told her that her vehicle was found.

Smith began to ask Hope a few questions and told her he knew about the silver Hyundai. She allegedly confessed to taking the car from a casino in Ardmore after finding the keys on the ground next to it.

While questioning Hope, Tallack called Smith and advised Smith that he reviewed the security footage and there was another vehicle added to the equation. Turns out, earlier when Nathan spoke about a white Hyuandai, he did not just get the color wrong, Hope was seen on camera driving the white vehicle around the parking lot.

Hope told Smith the car belonged to a friend from Kansas. After searching both vehicles, Smith found the victim’s Driver’s License, credit cards, Social Security Card, fourteen cards that consisted of multiple Identification Cards, and credit cards belonging to several people. He also found needles, some empty and some with a brown liquid in them, a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol with a round in the chamber, and a baggie with more needles, a spoon, a digital scale and a bag with a “green leafy substance” in it.

Nathan Smith, a 27-yearold male from Wichita, Kan. was arrested for Petit Larceny, Credit Card Fraud and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. Charges for Possession of a Firearm After the Former Conviction of a Felony and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia were added after booking. An online search came up negative for Oklahoma priors.

Hope (Smith) Rowe, a 21-year-old female from Oklahoma City was arrested for Petit Larceny, Credit Card Fraud and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. After her arrest, charges for Possession of CDS — Marijuana — Without a Prescription, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. No Oklahoma priors were found in an online search.