Texoma Fire District: Prayers for our firefighters


Our Volunteer Fire Fighters assisted in the search and rescue to the 19-year-old boy that went missing last week. This was the third death in our area this year, it is very important for us to keep these volunteers in our prayers for what they do for their community. There is still a need for more volunteers. All adults, male or female, interested in joining the Texoma Volunteer Fire Department, please contact Chief Todd Cissell at (580) 565-4491 or pickup an application from the mailbox at the station, fill it out and return to the station. Chief Cissell will contact you. Everyone is welcome, so consider joining! The fire department truly needs your support.

I would like to remind everyone riding golf carts, ATV’s, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles, there are signs on Washita Point Road regarding speed limits and driving requirements. Please take these into consideration before letting your young folks go on these vehicles. There are still several golf carts seen with children riding standing on the back of the cart. This is extremely dangerous!

Also, this Thursday at 6:30pm the Texoma Fire District Board meeting will be held at the Training Center.

On Wednesday evenings from 5 to 6pm Lighthouse United Methodist Church will start back their “No Strings Attached” meals, however, there will be some important changes. You will be able to drive thru the Church parking lot and pickup your meals. Please STAY IN YOUR VEHICLES, do not get out, your meals will be brought to you from 5pm to 6pm.

Thank you and everyone stay safe!