Screenfixrs; more than just a business

  • Gary Ashley, his wife Mari and son Nick stand in front of their company logos. Courtesy photo
    Gary Ashley, his wife Mari and son Nick stand in front of their company logos. Courtesy photo

Does your house need new screens for your windows? Are you just looking for a way to freshen up the look of your house? Well, there is a new business in Marshall County that focuses on just those issues.

Screenfixrs was born approximately six weeks ago and was the vision of Gary Ashley. The business can handle all types of screens; regular screens, insect screens, pet resistant screens and even solar screens. Ashley said the solar screens pay for themselves not too long after purchasing them.

“The solar screens cut 70% of heat, making your a/c run more efficient,” Ashley said.

The screens can also assist in lowering the electric bill.

Ashley and his family have deep roots that run through Marshall County. He and his wife both graduated from Madill High School in 1980, and his son graduated in 2000.

Ashley said that not only is his business unique, it is also mobile.

“We are providing a service to the community that hasn’t been there,” Ashley said. “We cover a 60-mile radius from Marshall County.”

Even though the business is still in its infancy, Ashley and his crew have received glowing reviews from customers.

Donna in Madill said she was pleased with the entire experience.

“Working with ScreenFixrs was a very pleasant experience,” she said. “They were very professional and did a great job. My windows look complete now. My screen frames were removed and disposed of several years ago but Screenfixrs were able to build new frames from scratch. I only started with half of the windows but the new screens looked so good I had them come back and do the remaining window screens. I would recommend ScreenFixers to anyone needing their screens repaired or replaced.”

Kim, from Caney, was also singing Screenfixrs’ praises.

“Screenfixrs did a quality job and were very prompt in getting the job done,” she said. “The experience was very hassle free. They came out but needed to get some materials they were out of so the work was done at their shop. Some of the screen frames were bent and twisted but ScreenFixrs repaired the frames to be square again, replaced the screen and brought them back, reinstalling each one.”

Kim also spoke about how using Screenfixrs ended up saving her money.

“I asked them to look at a 3-horse slant trailer that the screen frames were messed up in the neck of the trailer,” she said. “Having already checked into replacement from where I got the trailer several years ago their recommendation was to replace the entire window frame unit which was several hundred dollars. Screenfixrs was able to repair the screen frame in the nose of the trailer and make it look like a new one saving me money I didn’t want to spend.”

Lori from Durant said Ashley went above and beyond what was expected of them.

“ScreenFixrs did an fabulous job,” Lori said. “The staff was friendly and went above and beyond to fix me up. I would definitely recommend ScreenFixrs to anyone needing screens repaired. The experience was completely hassle free.”

Karen and Dewayne from Madill said they had been putting off the necessity of replacing their screens, and Screenfixrs made it a pleasant experience for them.

“Perfect job,” they said. “Hassle free. Very easy to work with. We had been needing our screens replaced for 5 years and tried several people to get this work done but could not find anyone to do our screens. Called [redacted] but the price was out of this world. Contacted ScreenFixrs and they came out that day to get started that same afternoon. Very good, Professional and Courteous job.”

All the customers stated they would definitely recommend Ashley and his crew to anybody in need of screen repair.