Madill goes wild for new addition


The Madill Public School unveils the new Fine Arts Building

  • The new Madill Fine Arts Building was unveiled to a few guests on August 20, 2020. It stemmed from a 19-million-dollar school bond passed in 2017. Courtesy photo
    The new Madill Fine Arts Building was unveiled to a few guests on August 20, 2020. It stemmed from a 19-million-dollar school bond passed in 2017. Courtesy photo

The Madill High School recently unveiled their new, state-of-the-art Fine Arts building. Madill Band Director Kendal Hasty said the dream for the new Fine Arts facility began in 2017.

“Three Septembers ago, our wonderful community passed a 19+ million-dollar school bond,” he said. “With their ‘yes’ vote, we were put on track to receive one of the most state-of-the-art fine arts facilities in the state.”

Hasty said that there are few universities with a facility like theirs, much less any high schools. The facility now houses all the Fine Art classes – art, vocal music, speech/ drama, and band. Not only is it a Fine Arts building, it can also double as a safe room that can house 200+ people.

The art room has two pottery wheels, two kilns, a print studio and can hold 20+ computers for graphic design.

Hasty said the Speech and Drama room is “designed to enhance this rapidly growing program.” The classroom has a small stage to allow students to work on their presentation skills. It also has storage rooms for materials such as props. Hasty said previous to the new building, the materials had to be stored at another place on campus.

Another state-of-the-art room is the Vocal music room. The program is currently focused on choreography and dance. The room has two mirrored walls to accommodate the program. This room also has adequate storage for sheet music and props.

Probably because it is near and dear to his heart, Hasty gushed about the new band room.

“The Band room is the probably the best band facility in Southeast Oklahoma, if not all of southern Oklahoma,” Hasty said. “There are two large rehearsal spaces. This allows for a lot of section work, as well as the creation of two competitive concert bands in the spring semester.” “There are also six indi

“There are also six individual practice rooms for student use to prepare for honor bands,” Hasty continued. “I am surprised how much the practice rooms have been used by students in just the first 10 days of school.”

The facility also has a small computer lab to “allow students to learn how to create, edit and publish their own music.” The large rehearsal room is also equipped with a washing machine and dryer to allow the students a chance to maintain their new uniforms. It also has storage lockers for the instruments.

Hasty said the rehearsal space is large enough to practice in during the hot parts of the year. The room also has a music library and an instrument repair room that will assist the school in saving money on instrument repair.

Along with the new amenity, there is also a new paved practice field. Hasty said this is crucial for students because they are able to practice in the morning and not have to worry about wet muddy and socks the rest of the school day. Hasty said the only major

Hasty said the only major item missing from the “beautiful facility” is an auditorium.

“Our fine arts classes currently do not have the proper performance venue for the size and scope of our programs,” Hasty said.

To put it into perspective, he explained how seven years ago, the band program only had 62 students for grades 6-12. Currently, that number is nearing 350. Hasty said he is hopeful that the community will vote in another bond so they can begin to work on getting an auditorium.

“With a proper auditorium, we would finally get to host events that would not only bring in funds for our school, but for our community.”

Madill Superintendent Larry Case said the facility is an exciting addition.

“We are so excited, not only for our school, but our community,” Case said. “It is something to be proud of.”