Kingston Officers in hot pursuit


A high-speed chase blew through Kingston and landed a local man in jail. At approximately 10:00 p.m. on September 5, Kingston Police Officer Aruturo Mendoza radioed in reference to a driver – later identified as Clinton Robertson of Kingston – attempting to avoid a driver’s license checkpoint on Highway 32.

Mendoza was in full pursuit of the suspect, and Kingston Officer Dakota Hanks joined the pursuit. Hanks took the lead, because he knows the layout of Kingston roads better than Mendoza.

The pursuit went from Highway 70f onto Bounds Road. Once the entourage was on Bounds Road Hanks witnessed Robertson throw an “unidentifiable object” out of the driver side window. Hanks then notified Marshall County Dispatch and Mendoza what he witnessed.

Hearing this, Mendoza backed out of the pursuit stay in the vicinity of the rejected object. Later, it was found the object was a pipe that tested positive for Meth.

The pursuit re-entered Kingston City Limits on Bounds Road, then turned onto June Drive. The dangerous 2 Column x 4 part was the area the pursuit was heading was a heavily populated residential area where many families park on the curb. The pursuit went from Vio

The pursuit went from Violet Street to Highway 70 then to Dallas Drive, to White Street and back to Dallas Drive which dumped them back on Highway 70. At one point in the chase, the driver executed an extremely dangerous maneuver; he passed a truck and trailer on the right-hand shoulder, hit the ditch, then turned on a street.

With the pursuit back on Highway 70, the suspect failed to stop at the red light on Highway 70 and accelerated in speed. The pursuit continued to McDuffee Road and took a right. Once the suspect found his way on Roads End and was heading toward the boat ramps on McLaughlin Creek Road, the pursuit became even more dangerous.

Robertson took a sharp turn onto Kifer Avenue, and that forced Hanks to “brake hard and shuffle steer” into the turn. Unfortunately, Hanks traveled into a ditch and side-swiped a tree. Hanks was unharmed and continued the pursuit.

The suspect turned onto Tipi Road to put as much distance between him and pursuing officers. Fortunately, the officer of Marshall County are quick Print Ad thinkers. While on Tipi Road, Marshall County Deputy Kasey Cox successfully deployed his spike strips and punctured Robertson’s tires.

The suspect managed to continue fleeing, even after having his tires punctured. Once again, the quick thinking of the officers foiled Robertson’s plans of eluding. Once the pursuit was back on McDuffee, Kingston Police Assistant Chief Chris Watson deployed his spike strips; once again hitting the jackpot and puncturing Robertson’s tires.

Apparently, a second time’s a charm, because the vehicle came to a stop, and Robertson put his hands outside the driver window. Before Hanks could exit his unit and reach the vehicle, Madill officers were already giving the suspect commands to exit the vehicle.

It seemed as if Robertson was not quite ready to give in and be detained, because he allegedly had a hard time complying with the officers’ demands to exit the vehicle.

Madill Police Officers JT Moore and Gannon Reid assisted Robertson in changing his mind and removed him from the vehicle. Robertson was still trying to put up a fight, and the officers had to get him on the ground to gain control of him.

Robertson was eventually detained, placed in doublelocking handcuffs and booked into the Marshall County Jail for Attempting to Elude, Endangering Others while Eluding/Attempting Digital to Elude Sideb Officers, Possession of CDS  – Methamphetamine,  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Tampering with Evidence, Failing to Obey Traffic Control Device, Damaging City Property, Expired Driver’s License, and two charges for Avoiding a Roadblock.

Robertson also had an outstanding Marshall County warrant for Failure to Appear to an Application to Accelerate on a Domestic Abuse/Assault and Battery conviction. An online search found another prior for Public Intoxication and a Grayson County, Texas warrant for Aggravated Assault on a Family Member.