In the September 26 issue, The Madill Record reported about a traffic stop turning into three felony charges for a Kingston man, Robert Tiller. Not even four days after the September 23 arrested, the 48-yearold male is in trouble, once again.

On September 27, Marshall County Deputy Damon Robinson obtained a search warrant for Tiller’s residence stemming from his September 23 arrest. Robinson was assisted by the Kingston Police, and the Lighthorse Police Department deployed their SWAT team to secure Tiller’s residence.

Robinson detained Tiller and his wife Lecia in the rear section of a Marshall County Sheriff’s Office patrol unit. While securing the property, Robinson found a license plate that belonged to a 25 foot Delta flatbed goose neck tandem axle trailer. Even though the trailer was not found on property, it pulled up as stolen in the National Crime Information Center.

The deputy located a truck on the property with a busted steering column that is typically a sign of a stolen vehicle. He located the VIN of the truck and it did not come back as stolen. However, Robinson found other incriminating items in the truck.

“I located a Samsung cellphone inside of the vehicle, along with a small purse containing homemade smoking pipe with tubing, a torch lighter, a bottle of Methylphenid 27 mg prescribed to [NAME REDACTED], a clear bag containing a crystalline substance inside of it,” Robinson stated in his police report. The substance later tested positive for Methamphetamine.

Officers found more license plates scattered around the property. One came back to a Kubota skid steer that had previously been stolen, but had been recovered by the sheriff’s office.

Robinson asked Tiller who was the owner of the truck with all the drugs and paraphernalia in it. Tiller replied that he was not sure, but it could possibly belong to one of two people.

“Robert stated he thinks it possibly Jaybird Arnold or a knucklehead named Brandon,” Robinson reported. When Robinson attempted to explain the gravity of the situation to Tiller, due to the illegal items being found on his property, the suspect told the deputy to “just charge him with it.” Tiller also said “it ain’t right, but just do it.”

Robinson had another deputy transport Tiller to the Marshall Co unto Jail, and he stayed to search the remainder of the property. Upon searching one of the shops, the deputy found a set of brass knuckles, an ammo can with several 5.56 caliber rifle rounds, one magpie brand magazine contains 5.556 caliber rifle rounds, a 9 mm Smith and Wesson magazine, and one pink iPhone.

Tiller was subsequently arrested and charged for Trafficking Methamphetamine, and two counts of Possession of Stolen Property. These charges are also concurrent with the other charges he is currently facing; Trafficking in Illegal Drugs, Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute, and Escape from Arrest.

Tiller has multiple convictions on his record; two counts of Possession of CDS, two counts of Endeavoring to Manufacture Methamphetamine, Feloniously Carrying a Firearm, and Concealing Stolen Property.