Bullying incident at MHS goes viral; KXII report incomplete

  • Bullying incident at MHS goes viral; KXII report incomplete
    Bullying incident at MHS goes viral; KXII report incomplete

A fight between two students at Madill High School on Jan. 14 was captured by other students and posted to social media. Sherman, Texas-based television station, KXII posted an article about the incident and reported about it during their 10 p.m. broadcast.

The article was titled “Video of fight at Madill High school has parents concerned” and listed a parent but not did not indicate which school her child attended.

In a statement, MPS Superintendent Larry Case said, “We are aware of the incident at the high school on Tuesday. We are investigating the incident and will apply appropriate disciplinary action. The safety of

our students is our main priority at Madill Public Schools.”

A series of follow up questions were sent to Case’s office the morning of Jan. 15 regarding both the incident and the district’s social media policy.

In an e-mail response, Case stated that, “all I can say is it has been dealt with in a timely and confidential manner. As you should be aware of, we can not share things regarding students OR personnel due to confidentiality laws.”

Sources identified the two students involved in the altercation. The smaller student who did not even have time to take off his backpack was a freshman and the other was a sophomore.

Melissa Tweedy, a parent of an MHS senior said she is aggravated at the situation. “I am so mad that nobody in that area stopped the fight.” Tweedy wonders how the fight ended. “Did teachers walk in split it up, or did the students get bored with the fight and just stroll out of the bathroom like nothing happened?”

Residents are taking to Facebook to voice their frustrations over the incident. Specifically, they are going to a page called Marshall County Inofmation.

Rob Sprouse was one such resident to voice his concerns

“These kids are fighting all the time if that’s the kid I think it is he needs juvenile hall he’s nothing but trouble! The school let’s this get out of hand like this by doing nothing about bullying and harassment,” Spouse said in a post early Jan. 15.

Another resident, Cosechia Lofton, defended Madill Public Schools, later the same day on the same page.

“This will be handled by the school as they do not take to this behavior at all and the kids filming will be punished.”