...And the winners are...


Even though the presidential race is still counting votes and it is too close to predict the outcome, there were a few items on the Oklahoma ballot that had clear winners.

The race for the Corporation Commissioer was also known as “The Battle of the Todds,” because Todd Hiett and Todd Hagopian were combating for the spot. Oklahoma spoke and voted Hiett in as Corporation Commissioner. He won by 76%.

The United States Senator did not change. Incumbent Jim Inhofe won by 63%. He beat four challengers for his spot; Robert Murphy, Abby Broyles, Joan Farr and A.D. Nesbit.

Unites States Representative District 1 saw Kevin Hern wing by almost 64%, beating out Kojo Asamoa-Caesar and Evelyn L. Rogers.

United States Representative District 2 did not change either, Markwayne Mullin kept his spot and beat Richie Castaldo and Danyell Lanier by 75%.

Frank D. Lucas won US Representative District 3, Tom Cole kept District 4, Stephanie Bice barely took District 5, Blake Cowboy Stephens won US Senator District 3, George H. Burns took US Senator District 5, Warren Hamilton won District 7, Dewayne Pemberton won District 9, Rob Stanridge took District 15, Shane David Jett won District 17, and Tom J. Dugger took District 21.

US State Senator District 35 had a close run. Jo Anna Dossett had 50,89% and Cheryl Baber had 49.11% of the votes.

Cody Rogers won US State Senator District 37, Dave Rader took District 39, Jessica Garvin won District 43 by a landslide, Paul Rosino won District 45 by a large margin, and Greg Treat barely won District 47.

Rick West won State Representative District 3, Bob Ed Culver won District 4, Wendi Stearman won District 11, Terry O’Donnell won District 23, Logan J. Phillips won District 24, Dell Kerbs took District 26, Danny Williams for District 28, Kyle Hilbert won District 29, Mark Lawson won District 30, Trish Ranson took District 34, Jay Steagall won District 43, Merleyn Bell won District 45, Jacob Rosecrants won District 46, Todd Russ won District 55, Dick Lowe took District 56, and Anthony Moore won District 57.

The remaining State Representative winners were Daniel Pae, District 62, Rande Worthen, District 64, Toni Hasenbeck, District 65, Jadine Nollan, District 66, Lonnie Sims, District 68, Denise Brewer, District 71, Meloyde Blancett, District 78, Melissa Provenzano, District 79, Mike Osburn, District 81, Eric Roberts, District 83, Cyndi Munson, District 85, Collin Walke, District 87, Mauree Turner, District 88, Jose Cruz, District 89, Jon Echols, District 90, Mickey Dollens, District 93, Andy Fugate, District 94, Max Wolfley, District 95, Jason Lowe, District 97, Marilyn Stark, District 100,and Robert Manger, District 101.

State Question 805, which sought to restrict the court’s ability to use a criminal’s past record to influence harsher sentences for current and future crimes, did not pass. It only received 38.92% of yes votes.

Another State Question was on the ballots. SQ 814 sought to decrease the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund and fund the Medicaid Program Amendment. That vote also did not pass. It only receieved 41.21% of yes votes.