Mayor’s Minute: Please consider giving blood during pandemic

  • Williams

Even though we are succeeding at doing all that we can in Madill and Marshall County to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is still more that we can do to help our community.

In a health crisis, blood supplies can quickly be depleted.

According to the Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI), blood is perishable so it’s of critical importance to have regular donations to maintain a constant blood supply.

With elective surgeries resuming, this will only further the depletion of our area’s blood supply.

According to US Surgeon General Jerome Adams, “Social distancing doesn’t mean social disengagement.” OBI has established a number of new policies to ensure each donor’s safety. This includes social distancing, additional cleaning and more.

Since donating blood is easy and safe, I want to encourage everyone to participate in giving and reaffirm Madill/Marshall County’s commitment in maintaining the blood supply for our area.

To make an appointment, there are three ways to contact your local blood center: by phone (1-877-340-8777), by website (, or by email (customerservice@

If you have a business, school, church, or community organization that has the ability to support a Blood Donation Drive (either in your facility or parking lot) and are interested in helping, please contact OBI to get started working with their staff and facilitate an upcoming event.

You may contact your local Blood Program Consultant, Michell McGuire at 580-220- 9420 or email her at michell.

There is no substitute for real blood. Remember to pray for our community and support local businesses…we will get through this TOGETHER!