Kerr: Are our children being stolen?

  • Kerr

Education - originally in the hands of parents, private tutors and the church - is now often in the hands of private industry, driven by a globalist agenda with values at odds with families in Oklahoma. What kind of education is driving this agenda? Charter schools.

Charter schools are public schools, funded with taxpayer money. Promoted by the Clinton Administration, charter schools were designed to bypass traditional school districts. These publicly funded schools have taken off exponentially in the past few decades, with the latest upturn due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus.

The largest charter school in Oklahoma is Epic Charter Schools. One reason Epic is so popular is that the school gives the parents money - approximately $1,000 per child - in order to have the opportunity to educate a child. It seems like such a great deal! Parents are veering away from public schools for a variety of reasons, seeking a safe shelter with support and freedom.

However, are charter schools, such as Epic, really on your side? Or, does a dangling carrot entice parents, who unwittingly place their children in a position of vulnerability?

Here are the problems. You be the judge.

Problem One. Charter schools often use curriculum online, designed to shift the values and morals of students. However, true, traditional education, allows for the free will of the child - without manipulation.

This online curriculum is particularly true of Epic, which uses vendors for its online learning that are largely related to Pearson Publishing. Pearson, located in England, is an international curriculum company and has had a partnership in the past with the Bill Gates Foundation. The curriculum company has a globalist agenda seeking to change the way students think - and behave.

Publishers who desire to manipulate students’ values simply insert new ideas into their curriculum. Such publishers are more interested in a social agenda than teaching a child. Public schools have used psychological techniques on students since WWI, and without a teacher, online learning can manipulate students directly.

Unadulterated learning fosters the seeds in the heart of a child. Children are allowed to think creatively, to discover, to listen and reason - not subjected to behavior modification techniques. A check should be placed on improper online learning.

Problem Two. Charter schools, which service students online, remove parents from the learning process - on purpose. Online curriculum is designed to circumvent not only the teacher, but also the parents.

Parents instill closely held values in the next generation. These values include the meaning of freedom, justice and the role of government. Parents help their children interpret the world, create bonds with their children and pass on their beliefs.

Online curriculum prevents parents from training their children, and often presents information that is at odds with parental beliefs - religious or otherwise. Circumventing the parent leaves the child helpless at the hands of the corporations, the educational institutions and the governments that wish to use your child for their own benefits.

Online learning intentionally leaves parents out the equation - stealing the child for the establishment in order to educate him as its own. Someone else now owns your child.

Problem Three. Charter schools eschew the democratic process and remove the representative form of government from education. Charter schools are Un-American.

Charter schools are based on a communist style of government - borrowed from Russia. In charter schools, decisions are made by appointed - not elected officials, as in local school boards. Appointed officials cannot be removed from office by taxpayers who vote.

While the charter schools are publicly funded, citizens have no input into the way money is spent. The nonelected officials do not have the best interest of your children at heart. What appears as altruistic is actually a ruse for private corporations to pull the purse strings and mold your children into their vision. Under the partnership arrangement between schools and business, occupations are determined early, and students unknowingly become a cog in a pre-determined wheel. Ironically, freedom of education is completely removed from charter schools, such as Epic, in Oklahoma.

Charter schools have a common theme - get the local government out of the way, get the teachers out of the way, get the parents out of the way and steal the soul of your child. Parents should not sit by silently and watch, as they lose their children. All of our children need to carry the torch of freedom forward. It is time for parents to stand up and say “No more!”

Elizabeth Kerr grew up in southern Oklahoma and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Journalism. She went on to practice as an attorney for a number of years, before she spent a year teaching in Russia. While there, she met her husband, who is from southern Oklahoma, as well. Now, she spends her time teaching their children at home.