Hide the crime, reveal yourself


A local man was arrested after a Burglary investigation led officers in Christopher Richards’ direction. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department received a complaint on November 10, 2020 in reference to a Burglary.

Once officers arrived at the residence in Washita Point, they found a storage building that had the side sheet metal removed to allow the thief or thieves easy entry. After the suspect finished taking what they wanted, all they had to do was replace the missing piece of sheet metal to conceal any wrongdoing.

Deputies began an investigation, and after only a few days, a name jumped on their radar. The officers were able to gather enough information to get an arrest warrant for Richards, because he was their lead suspect, and the search for the suspect was on.

The search only lasted a few days, however, because Richards, the 28-year-old male from Madill, turned himself into the Marshall County Jail.

Richards is now facing charges for Second-Degree Burglary. An online search found prior Oklahoma convictions for Bringing Contraband into a Jail, DUI, Concealing Stolen Property, and multiple convictions for Possession of CDS – Methamphetamines.