US workers may get "unemployment insurance on steroids"


CNN - The United State's emergency stimulus package will help the workers hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

Schumer told CNN’s Wolf Blizter on The Situation Room on Saturday night that a tentpole of the stimulus package was putting “workers first” by giving them “unemployment insurance on steroids.” 

“If you can’t work because your business is closed for all the obvious reasons, you will get your full pay from the federal government and unemployment insurance on steroids will cover all workers," Schumer said.
"It will cover part-time workers, workers who are independent, it will cover the freelancers, and you will be able to stay on this for four months."

Under this scheme, Schumer noted that workers would be “furloughed by their employer so that you can go back to work.” 

About 75 million residents of Connecticut, Illinois, New York and California have been ordered to remain at home to slow the spread of coronavirus.