Madill Cross Country places second in All-Star


The Madill Junior High Boys and Girls Cross Country competed in the 27TH Annual Oklahoma Junior High All Star 2A,3A,4A Cross Country Championships. The October 15 event was hosted in Chickasha, Okla. and had three separate events for the boys and the girls teams.

The boys team placed second in the 3200 Meter Run with a total time of 1:06:35. The top runners placed as follows: Eighth grader James Valdez placed third with 6:11.40, seventh grader Jose Campus placed eleventh with 6:44.04, seventh grader Ryder Douglas placed thirteenth with 6:49.24, eighth grader Kye Salazar placed sixteenth with 6:51.18, and seventh grader Cash Cooper placed eighteenth with 6:53.37.

Other runners were seventh grader Triston Barnes, 6:56.30, eighth grader Bridger Lott, 6:58.76, seventh grader Baler Lott, 7:00.80, sixth grader Flavio Ibarra, 7:10.89, seventh grader Cooper Mchatton, 7:42.03, sixth grader Aiden Gomez, 7:46.48, eighth grader Ethan Marston, 8:42.52, and eighth grader Misael Fajardo, 10:08.25.

The Madill girls placed second in the 2400 Meter Run with a total time of 48:14. The top five runners were seventh grader Allyson Webb who placed first with 5:49.10, eighth grader Yvette Ariciaga placed tenth with 6:24.27, sev enth grader Yadira Barbosa placed twelfth with 6:35.18, eighth grader Kaytleigh Davis placed seventh with 6:40.35, and eighth grader Kaia Henry placed eighteenth with 6:42.00.

Other runners who placed were seventh grader Onelia Stumblingbear, 7:18.30, sixth grader Emma Stewart, 7:32.57, eighth grader Evelyn Munozperez, 7:45.99, eighth grader Nayley Cruces, 8:04.13, sixth grader Alondra Gonzalez, 8:37.15, seventh grader Azucell Granado, 8:36.46, sixth grader Brailea Page, 8:43.58, seventh grader Talia Rosas, 9:04.30, sixth grader Emily Munozperez, 9:29.99, sixth grader Citlaly Fernandez, 10:38.14, sixth grader Addison Campbell, 10:54.31, and eighth grader Sara Salazar, 11:02.28.