Kingston School Board deciding fate of Basketball Season


The Kingston Public School Board held their monthly meeting on Monday, November 9, 2020. The first order of business for the meeting was the discussion of the consent agenda which was passed with no issues. It included two resignations from the faculty and the finances. The next item that was handled was the current increase in the pandemic outbreak causing schools to close and sports to be canceled.

According to the board, football is still on for the playoffs. However, there are the normal two teams per region has been changed to every team getting a chance at the playoffs regardless of their standings. The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association voted to allow every school a chance to participate in the playoffs, regardless of the school’s district standing. The OSSAA came to this decision because there were so many cancellations during the regular football season. Schools have the option to opt out of the playoffs, if they wish. The board members voiced their disappointment in the decision because Kingston football had such an amazing season.

To help keep their football players safe and ready for playoffs, the school decided to put the team in virtual schooling until the playoffs are over.

While many students believe that virtual school is easy, the new virtual system makes easy grades a thing ofthe past. The new curriculum for virtual is rivaled to near college level in high school environments.

The fate of the basketball season is unclear at this point, they are still trying to figure out the best plan. Many schools are trying to set general guidelines to maintain the safety of the students, faculty, players, and fans. One of the positive sides of Kingston’s delayed season was they were able to refloor the gym and get it ready for paint.

One of the many sophisticated projects on the agenda is a completely keyless school, everything will work off a key FOB like a keyless start automobile.

According to the board, the Chickasaw nation is once again is helping local school districts with more CARES ACT grant money to keep the school safe and ifthe worst case happens, they can still reach their students.

Some of the major projects on the books, besides the keyless entry, is a retaining wall behind the middle school and the widening of Redskin Drive.

While it is unclear what happens next with the increased cases of the virus, Kingston is doing its best to keep the children safe including following and exceeding CDC guidelines in cleanliness for the children.