Woman arrested twice in two days


A local woman, identified as Kelly Billy, was arrested on September 15, 2020 following a call by a family member. Marshall County Deputy Steve Beebe was dispatched to the call at an address in Oakland. The reporting party stated that Billy was “going crazy” and was allegedly on Meth.

Beebe arrived on scene to an astonishing site, the suspect was in her front yard yelling and waving her fists – completely nude. Beebe immediately began attempting to calm down Billy to assess the situation.

As he was trying to do that, the suspect picked up a knife from the yard and threw it at the house. Then, allegedly, she ran back inside the house and began to break items. Once the suspect was done, she emerged from the house. She was still completely nude, however, this time, she was wielding a knife in each hand.

Beebe was finally able to safely place the suspect into custody, with the assistance of Madill Police. She was transported to the Marshall County Jail, given time to sober up, then underwent a mental evaluation.

Billy was booked for Indecent Exposure. The day prior to this event, September 14, Billy was arrested for DUI.