Two arrested on several charges


Two individuals, later identified as Beau and Chelsea Hendrix, were arrested for theft charges after an investigation. The story began on September 9, 2020 when deputies were dispatched to a residence in the Lost Akers neighborhood.

The reporting party told dispatch they located a recently stolen golf cart. Once deputies arrived on scene, the reporting party informed them that a white male was seen being driven around by a white female in a black Nissan SUV. Deputies were able to begin

Deputies were able to begin the investigation by looking at footage of the vehicle from a residence’s video doorbell system. Unfortunately, officers were unable to get a positive identification on the duo because they were too far away from the cameras.

The officers began digging around to find out who the suspects were. They contacted other law enforcement agencies and gave a description of the SUV. As luck would have it, Kingston Officer Dakota Hanks located the vehicle and dispatched the deputies to the vehicle and dispatched the deputies to the location. Marshall County Deputy Kasey Cox arrived on scene and was successful in getting information on the occupants. However, both occupants were mum and being uncooperative; neither would speak to officers without their attorney present. Cox was able to take a photograph of the two suspects for a photo line-up that would occur later.

Deputies brought the photos to the Lost Akers neighborhood and asked numerous neighbors to identify the suspects. One resident told officers that he spoke with the female suspect as she set in the SUV parked near where the golf kart was found. Cox inquired if the resident would be able to pick the female out of a photo line-up, to which they replied they could.

After positively identifying Beau and Chelsea, both 27-year-olds from Konowa, the evidence was presented to the District Attorney and arrest warrants were issued for both. This left officers actively looking for both suspects.

On October 5, Deputy Steve Beebe was out on patrol and pulled into the Love’s Convience Store in Madill and noticed the black SUV at the gas pump. Beebe waited to see who was going to leave the store and get into the SUV.

A male subject exited the store and began to walk toward the SUV until he noticed Beebe sitting in his unit. That was when the subject quickly changed direction and headed toward another vehicle. Beebe then made contact with the suspect and asked for his identification.

The male informed Beebe that he did not have any identification on his person. The suspect then assured Beebe that he was not the driver of the black SUV.

Beebe then contacted Sheriff Danny Cryer and told him what had occurred. After the update, Cryer arrived on scene and attempted to identify the male. As the male continually denied being Beau Hendrix, Cryer used his “phone a friend lifeline” and called Officer Hanks to come and identify the male.

Hanks arrived on scene and identified the male subject as the same person in the black SUV, meaning it was Beau Hendrix. After detaining Beau and placing him in the patrol unit, officers searched his vehicle and found a small quantity of Methamphetamine and a pipe.

Beau was booked into the Marshall County Jail for Second-Degree Burglary, Concealing Stolen Property, Obstructing an Executive Officer, Falsely Impersonating Another to Commit Liability, and Failing to Obey Traffic Laws.

An online search found priors for DUI, Driving Under Suspension, Obtaining Cash/Merchandise by False Pretenses, Domestic Abuse/ Assault and Battery, and Possession of CDS.

Chelsea has active warrants for her for Second-Degree Burglary, and Concealing Stolen Property.