Outrageous Outlaws

  • Jose Rosas.
    Jose Rosas.

A local man, later identified as Jose Rosas, was arrested for Eluding on November 1, 2020. At approximately 1:35 a.m., Sergeant Andrew Adams of the Madill Police Department witnessed a red GMC Yukon stop, then spinning its tires.

The action made the vehicle behind the Yukon slam on their brakes to avoid a collision with the SUV and caught the attention of Adams.

Adams activated his emergency lights in attempt to stop the Yukon. Apparently, Rosas had bigger ideas, because he failed to stop the Yukon and took off northbound on Highway 70. While pursuing Rosas at a high rate of speed, Adams informed Marshall County Dispatch that he was in pursuit and gave them the vehicle’s description.

The SUV and police unit reached speeds in access of 100 miler per hour through Madill. Rosas tore through town and never slowed down for any of the intersections, putting all the other drivers in immediate danger. Rosas continued on 177 toward Dickson. The vehicle finally stopped on Highway 177 south of Carter Lake Road.

After Adams had to give Rosas multiple chances to comply, the suspect finally complied and was taken into custody. He allegedly stated the only reason he ran was becuase he did not have a driver’s license. Rosas is now facing charges for Eluding a Police Officer and Reckless Driving.