The mystery woman


A woman was arrested for Second-Degree Burglary. It all began on September 21, 2020. Madill Officer Gannon Reid was dispatched to a building in the 500 block of South First Street in regard to an individual had entered the building. The weird part, nobody was supposed to be in the building due to it being under construction.

Reid arrived on scene and noticed a white female sitting in an office chair inside the business. Reid contacted the owner of the building to double check that nobody was supposed to be in the building. The owner stated that nobody was supposed to be in the building; not even a woman sitting in an office chair.

Reid inquired as to what the suspect was doing and if she had any identification on her person. The suspect would not speak, and just got out of the chair. She began to gather her things and attempt to walk out as if she was done visiting and simply leaving.

The woman attempted to leave via the window, because it was just an opening because of being under construction. Reid tried multiple times to get the suspect to approach him and identify herself.

After several failed attempts to get the suspect to speak, Reid informed her that if she did not comply, she would go to jail for obstruction. Apparently, she was not afraid to go to jail, because she still would not identify herself, or even speak.

Reid escorted the possible mute suspect to his vehicle and asked once more if she had any identification. Refusing to answer, Reid led her to the rear passenger side of his patrol unit. At that moment, the suspect stepped in a hole and allegedly said an expletive.

Deputy Steve Beebe had arrived a few minutes before the suspect decided to speak. After she uttered the expletives, Beebe said, “you can talk.” He began asking her for her name again. To this request, the suspect allegedly said it was none of their concern.

Reid transported the suspect to the Marshall County Jail and placed her in a holding tank. After Reid removed the handcuffs, the suspect apparently found her voice and allegedly stated what they were doing was police brutality.

Marshall County Jailers attempted to find out who the suspect was, to no avail. She kept repeating that who she is was none of their concern. She was then booked as Jane Doe until her identification from her fingerprints returns from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

In the week that the suspect has been in the Marshall County Jail, awaiting identification, she has been brought in front of the judge on four occasions. The first three times, she refused to appear. The fourth time, she appeared in front of the judge, pled Not Guilty, but refused to answer any questions or identify herself.