Fill the Sleigh Auction to be offered online


The Fill the Sleigh Auction is a function hosted by Hope for Marshall County. It is a way to raise funds to assist people in need for Christmas.

Fill the Sleigh is the only Christmas program in Marshall County and they assist up to 400 families each year.

In the past, the auction was held as carnival in the county. Due to COVID-19 shaking things up, HFMC was forced to change things up a bit.

For this year, they will host an online auction. The online auction begins October 1 at 10:00 a.m., and run till October 3 at noon.

The auction can be found on the Hope for Marshall County’s Facebook page.

On October 3, HFMC will team up with KMAD and do an on-air completion of the auction.

The items available for bidding are handmade quilts, cowhide rugs, gift baskets, certificates, yard art and more.

All proceeds from the fundraiser go to provide Christmas for Marshall County children, senior citizens and veterans.

HFMC is a 501c3. For anybody who wishes to donate, but do not see an item they wish to bid on, they can call in to KMAD at 580-677-0429 during the on-air auction on October 3.