Domestic Assault claim leads to drug arrest


A man from Rusk, Texas was arrested on October 8 for multiple charges after an initial complaint of Domestic Abuse. Kingston Police Office Alex Carlock answered a phone call at the station that would eventually snowball into multiple charges on a Mark Uribe-Duran.

The reporting party stated that his ex-wife had recently been beaten up. At that same time, officers heard a loud banging on the station door. Carlock answered the door and was greeted with a 22-year-old female who was crying.

The female informed Carlock that Duran had hit her multiple times, and she used the excuse of getting food to be able to leave and go to the police station. She stated that Duran had become extremely agitated with her and was accusing her of cheating. Every time she denied the allegations, Duran became even more enraged.

The victim voluntarily began showing Carlock her bruises sustained during the attack. She had marks on her arms, legs, face and a bright red handprint on her abdomen.

The victim informed Carlock and Kingston Officer Dakota Hanks that Duran and his brother and two females were at Bob’s Lakeside Motel. She also warned officers that Duran was most likely armed and by the looks of the victim’s bruises, was very dangerous.

The victim also told officers that Duran had active warrants out of Texas and had been to prison before for a violent crime. Carlock and Hanks requested backup due to the possibility of violence that might arise during the confrontation.

Officers requested EMS to arrive at Texoma Tackle to be on hand in case needed, and to check the victim’s injuries out. The officers also requested for the EMS to not use lights or sirens, they needed to be discreet to keep the situation under control.

Carlock and Hanks, along with Deputy Cox, arrived at the motel and found Duran and his brother Hector sitting in the front seat of Hector’s Dodge truck. Hanks commanded that both men put their hands up and exit the vehicle. Cox ordered Mark to get on the ground and spread his feet. After detaining the two men, officers checked for warrants on both men and the three other people who were involved. The only one who came back with warrants was Mark, he had an active warrant out of Texas for a Parole Violation.

Hanks received permission from Hector to search the motel rooms, since they were in his name. While Hanks and other offers searched the rooms, a container of Marijuana and a loaded .22 caliber firearm was found in the room.

While officers were trying to determine where exactly the incident occurred, they heard yelling. Hanks informed Carlock that Mark was in the backseat of the patrol unit attempting to kick out a window. Carlock was able to get the suspect calm, even if it was only for a few minutes.

The minute he stepped away, he heard yelling again. When he turned around, he saw Hanks in a physical struggle with Mark who was attempting to exit the police unit.

As the officers were attempting to make Mark get back in the vehicle, Mark was alleged as saying, “You’re going to have to kill me.” Eventually, officers were able to get control of the suspect and get him back in the patrol unit.

Once at the jail, the suspect began to get agitated again. He fought officers as they attempted to place him in the cell.

Mark was booked into the Marshall County Jail for Domestic Abuse/Assault and Battery by Strangulation, Possession of a Firearm After the Former Conviction of a Felony, Domestic Abuse/Assault and Battery in the Presence of a Minor, Possession of CDS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Resisting an Executive Officer. He is always facing a charge for DUI. An online search found other arrests in Texas for multiple charges for Assault.