Crustless Keto Broccoli and Bacon Quiche

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As many people know, the Keto Diet has taken the world by storm. The Ketogenic Diet, better known as Keto, is a low-carb, high-fat diet that boasts many health benefits, besides the weight loss. The Crustless Keto Broccoli and Bacon Quiche recipe below offers more than just a tasty way to forget the fact that it is part of a diet.

Besides the benefit of this recipe being Keto, and possibly helping with weight loss, diabetes, and other ailments, it also offers other health benefits because of the broccoli. Broccoli, which hails from the cabbage family, is found to offer a multitude of health benefits.

It is reported to assist in preventing cancer. The vegetable shares cancer fighting and immune boosting properties with other i cruciferous Ring vegetables like cauliflower, with Brussels sprouts and a cabbage. Broccoli carries properties that deplete The estrogens, the M hormone that typically causes cancer. Broccoli has been known to prevent breast and uterus cancer.

The leafy green vegetable is good at reducing cholesterol. Broccoli has soluble fiber which takes cholesterol out of the body. Come The fiber in the broccoli and dow helps bind with bile acids, therefore, Re excreting cholesterol.

If somebody has allergy issues, eating broccoli might just be the route to go. Research has found that broccoli contains kaempferol which lessens the grip from allergens. It is even found to contain omega 3 fatty acids, which are well-known antiinflammatories. This could help people who suffer from arthritis and other conditions that cause swelling. n the n

Broccoli contains n the n antioxidants that could help with immunity. It is packed with subscri vitamin C, carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and Madill R other power packed antioxidants.

Broccoli can also help with bone health, heart health, can assist in detoxification and can also help the skin and eyes.

Knowing all the amazing benefits from broccoli, here is the join the pa Crustless Keto Broccoli load The M and Bacon Quiche recipe. It is so easy cord app anybody can make it.

Crustless Keto Broccoli and Bacon Quiche


1 tsp butter, for greasing

4 oz. bacon

4 eggs

¼ cup heavy whipping cream

2 tbsp Italian seasoning

½ tbsp onion powder

¼ tsp salt ew yea

4 oz. broccoli, cut ew yea into florets

6 oz. mozzarella cheese ption to

Instructions ecord!

Preheat oven to 350 F°. Grease a 9” pie plate with butter.

Place the bacon in a cold skillet. Cook over medium heat until crispy, turning occasionally to brown evenly. Drain the bacon on a paper towel-lined plate, and rty then cut into the bacon adill small pieces. Set aside.

In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the eggs, cream, and seasonings until well combined.

Place the broccoli and bacon pieces into the pie plate. Pour the egg mixture over the broccoli and bacon, and sprinkle the cheese on top.

Bake on the middle oven rack for 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Cool for 5 minutes before serving.