Mullin it over: All talk, no action

  • Mullin

For months, Speaker Pelosi and her party have talked about delivering results for the American people. That’s what they have done: all talk, no action.

In September, Speaker Pelosi said the House of Representatives would stay in session until another COVID relief package was passed. That didn’t happen. Instead, she maintained her all-or-nothing strategy. Unless she gets all the radical proposals from her socialist agenda included in the package, she won’t deliver relief to the American people.

This same all-or-nothing strategy has been applied to other priorities this year. Appropriations bills to keep the federal government open and funded have not been finalized. The annual defense authorization bill, which is critical for our national security, has stalled. Neglecting these critical bills only further hurts families who are already suffering from the pandemic.

Speaker Pelosi has praised the success of the Paycheck Protection Program, which has been a lifeline for small businesses since the pandemic began and saved more than 51 million jobs across the country. But her party has blocked 40 separate attempts to extend the Paycheck Protection Program and bring continued relief for small businesses and their employees who need it.

The American people don’t need more talk from Speaker Pelosi, they need action.

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