Our liberties vs. religious freedoms

“Let not your hearts be troubled.” This was not said to cause us fear, but all Americans need to realize that our Freedoms and security are under assault. The global pandemic and recent rioting within our own American cities are not our only threats. There are malign forces bent on the destruction of our constitutional republic and they are making unprecedented advances.

In far too many instances, COVID-19 has become the cover for arbitrary, unreasonable and heavyhanded exercises in governmental power at the state’s level. Our nation’s democratic led cities are turning into war zones where mobs have looted, torched buildings and defied our po lice. Churches across the country are being forced to close, in California and Nevada, under threat of discontinuing water and electrical services, as well as fines, while casinos, abortion clinics and liquor stores are deemed “essential services.” Massive Federal bailouts have added to the national debt in scary ways and are increasingly leaning toward socialism.

Malign leftist tyrants are more than forthcoming about what they hope to accomplish in and through this current pandemic, radical billionaire financiers of caravans to our southern border, pontificate; “we’re now in the revolutionary moment that allows us to achieve the inconceivable.”

Accordingly, elected representatives to our congress can be quoted as stating, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

These ideas evidence a great falling away. In the midst of these trying times, our only hope is that there may be a great revival and turning to God, who is the “Great Emancipator.”

When people have experienced great freedom in Christ, they seek freedom in the political realm as well. Because truth and freedom go hand-in-hand, it is imperative we do not abandon our mission to continue all our efforts to proclaim Biblical Truth, bringing the life-transforming power of God’s word to a wear, crisisembattled nation.

Yes, times are difficult, the severe thrashing of our economy has left some in financial strain and fear has gripped hearts and minds; in times like these, many Americans look to our national government to take the lead in restoring peace and security.

For people of Faith, particularly the followers of Christ, this is also a time of great spiritual awareness, largely because of a rapidly increasing, dangerous dependency upon government. For “any government powerful enough to give you everything you need, is also powerful enough to take away everything you have.”

Your vote in this November’s Presidential election will help decide the fate of our nation. We must all go and vote our collective Christian conscience.

R.L. Fowler