Followers of Jesus Christ are really the only people who can clearly see what is happening in our country and our world because we believe the Bible, where it reminds us of the spiritual war between Satan and God. Tell that to the people who don’t know Christ and their reaction may be to mock you as a religious fanatic or “Jesus Freak,” because the world cannot see with spiritual eyes; they just don’t get it.

There is an intensifying movement to destroy our America as it has been known since inception. Secular “progressives” are Marxist, atheists engaging in an open revolution against our constitutional republic and Christianity. Not only do these “progressive” anarchists think Christians are foolish, they also find us a great impediment to their “agenda” because of our numbers. Barack Obama once derided us as a people “who cling to their guns and Bibles,” Hillary Clinton referred to us as a “basket of deplorables.” There are also other similar examples from very powerful and popular people who have said worse, because they hold us in great contempt for our beliefs, and yet we are still a substantial voting bloc. The primary reason for the forces of evil wanting to bring down the U.S.A. is because we have historically been responsible for spreading Christianity more than any other country in the world — sending missionaries to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the printing and distribution of Bibles, creating new church plants broadcasting Christian TV and radio around the world, working with compassion in underdeveloped nations – tasks and opportunities paid for and performed by American Christians.

It is obvious that Satan is using the extreme racial tension we currently see in our country to divide us even more than ever before. True Christianity promotes love and respect for our fellowman. It is clear throughout the New Testament that the Gospel is for all people, and God is no respecter of persons.

Mistreating someone based on ethnic or tribal identity has plagued mankind for most of human history and has led to countless millions being enslaved or killed. To hold another person’s skin color up, or to believe that skin color determines the superiority of a human being is a sin according to God. Make no mistake, the organized secular progressives want to replace the Christian influence in America with atheism and we stand in their way. If they are successful in this year’s presidential election, it will lead to persecution of conservatives in general and of Christians in particular, and at some point, it will become physical, violent persecution in ways we have not yet imagined. So, vote! Go in November and vote. “Jesus wept” maybe the shortest verse in the scripture; so, will our “freedoms” be unless all go and vote.

R.L. Fowler Kingston