From the editor’s desk: A new way to inform


Here at The Madill Record, we pride ourselves on being a consistent, trustworthy source of local news. For more than 125 years, we have provided said news primarily through our printed edition.
The locals call it the Wednesday paper because that’s when it’s printed let alone it being dated for Thursdays.
During the past year, we have gradually had a more digital-focus way of sharing stories. However, this drive to digital has not had the focus it needed.
Times have forced our hand, but hopefully for the better.
The reality is we live in a 24-hour news cycle that has felt more like a 24-minute one in the past two weeks due to spread of the Coronavirus.
Beginning this week, we will be doing daily updates to our website specifically about the pandemic and its impact on our world.
These updates will be done for the foreseeable future.
While we retain committed to our printed newspaper, we know that it’s not how many people read the news today.
 We won’t abandon our print-only customers. Rather, we will work to expand our digital coverage to better inform those in our community be they regular subscribers or those who need access to one story.
To that end, all of our COVID-19 articles going forward will be available for free to the public. They will be in front of our paywall.
That said, we know people will have a lot of questions about how to use both the web and e-editions of The Madill Record.
First, please know that both of those items are available at
Additionally, all print subscribers who provide their e-mail address can have the e-edition sent to them each week.
Feel free to contact us directly with questions about the website and e-edition.
We are here to help you as our customers and neighbors in this difficult time.
You can call us at 580-795-3355, which is our main number. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.
We expect to stay open through the pandemic, but will notify the public of any changes.

You can also email us at the following addresses:

Please note that while The Madill Record has had other e-mail addresses in the past, many of those are either no longer in service or checked on a less frequent basis than those listed above.
Lastly, we want to convey that we are here to inform and not cause a panic. These are surreal times as anyone can see when they visit the grocery store, check the stock market or listen to both public health officials and political leaders both here and abroad.
We want to hear how you are reacting to the pandemic and hear your stories. Additionally, you, our readers, are always welcome to submit a letter to the editor, which will be reviewed according to the guidelines listed on the bottom of our Opinion page.
Be well Texoma.