Keeping Democrats Accountable

With the shift in majority control of the House due to the outcome of the midterms, the newly sworn-in 116th Congress will represent a challenging era of divided government. Especially in divided government, there is no room for one-sided debate. In order to get things done for the American people, bipartisan and good faith negotiation is critical. Unfortunately, with their new majority in hand, House Democrats have already demonstrated—through both rhetoric and actions—their unwillingness to work with Republicans. Instead, they seem intent on squashing conservative priorities held by constituents in many districts across the country.

In the new Congress, I am committed to keeping House Democrats accountable to the American people. A key part of that effort will come while serving in my new leadership role at the House Rules Committee, which is the last stop for major legislation before it can go to the House floor. I am honored that Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy appointed me to serve as Ranking Member of this important committee. In this capacity, I will work closely with my colleagues to ensure Republicans remain heard and influential for the districts we represent, including the 4th District.


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