Why We Need Christmas

Will people remember you after you die? Will anybody even care? How will you be remembered? I can’t recall a more respected, loved and admired human than George H.W. Bush. The love and outpouring of celebrating his life was more than I’ve ever seen. I watched the President Kennedy funeral and recall the national horror and grief associated with his assassination. I remember when Martin Luther King was killed and the outpouring of grief that followed. We can remember these and many dark periods of sadness. President Bush, of course, lived a long life with many opportunities that few people will ever have.

He became the 41st President of the United States. He was a former Congressman, CIA director, millionaire oil man, graduate of Yale and came from a family who had money and many life achievements. While much has been said about his humility you don’t achieve all he did without being self-serving. It takes some ego to run for public office. If you don’t have a strong ego you can’t pull off all that running for such an office involves. You have to believe in yourself. Granted, Bush could have simply maintained his work in the oil business and racked up a few more million dollars but he made millions and his desired the power of public office, even the presidency. This in no way berates him. Somebody has to do the work, and Americans and world leaders have lauded his life and success. I don’t believe anyone has said anything bad about him lately on national television and they shouldn’t. His life of incredible work and service is over. He has gone on to his greater reward.


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