Socks for the Soul

By Ivy Story

Sockober is a clever combination of the word sock and October. The cause behind this clever name is touching and honorable. Sockober, of course, takes place during the month of October, the month that really starts to feel like fall. However, there are some out there who do not associate fall with leaves and pumpkin spice. They associate fall with a cold front. According to, every night in the United States an estimated 600,000 people live on the streets. Four years ago YouTube famous Kid President, Brad Montague, founded Sockober; and last year more than 10,000 schools, families, businesses, and churches participated.

Toni Polster and Summer Bryant will be host to a Sockober event in the local community. Bryant explains that Polster came to her with this idea and asked if she would help. Bryant is passionate about the community and immediately agreed. The pair got together one inspiring afternoon and came to a consensus on their vision for the project and made decisions about how they would go forward with the project. Then, like many organizations, they made a Facebook page.


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