Responsibly Funding American Priorities

By Tom Cole
U.S. Congressman, 4th District

Last week, Congress responsibly fulfilled its most fundamental duty to the American people by funding some of the nation’s most critical and pressing needs. The legislation signed into law by the president not only provides funding to strengthen and support our national defense, but it ensures vital programs and initiatives that serve all Americans can continue to do so effectively. While this recent action by Congress and the president is unquestionably good news for the country, I am proud that it also marks an historic and much-needed return to governing by regular order.

For some time, lawmakers have relied on various short-term and long-term solutions to fund the government, including omnibus appropriations bills and continuing resolutions. The legislation enacted last week, however, marks the first time in over 10 years that Congress has sent more than one final appropriations bill to the president’s desk before the beginning of the fiscal year. Without question, this is a true testament to the hard work that has taken place over months on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers—culminating in the conference committee that put forth the final legislation. I was honored to be a part of those negotiations.


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