President Trump Already Got Us a Better Deal

By Markwayne Mullin
U.S. Congressman, 2nd District

Roughly 20 months into President Trump’s first term, our president has delivered on yet another one of his promises to the American people. When he ran for president, he committed to modernizing and updating our bad trade deals to ensure Americans and their well-being came first. Now, he has accomplished yet another feat that previous presidents failed to do: renegotiate our unfair trade deals.

Nearly 25 years ago, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was created to allow goods and services to pass throughout our continent freely. Before NAFTA was put in place, the U.S. ran a $115 billion goods trade deficit with Mexico. In 2017, that goods deficit rose to nearly $800 billion. Unfortunately, what was meant to be a fair deal among three neighboring countries resulted in closed U.S. factories and jobs being sent overseas.


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