Murals are a Fleeting Art

By Linda Whalon
Madill Art Club Reporter

Once upon a time in a not too distant past there was a most beautiful and mystical painted mural living on the side of a building in Mannsville. This huge, colorful, expressive mural, by artist Dau-Law Taine, was a treat for the eye and soul. Whenever I entertained guests from out of the area, this stop was a must to share with them. We would stand in front of the mural for a picture together. It was my favorite “surprise” and always got the reaction I expected. “Wow!”

Then one day as we were driving through Mannsville my heart was broken to see that the amazing mural had been painted over with a brick-red paint. It was gone. Just like that…gone. I used to fantasize how I could purchase this mural, maybe carefully cut away the bricks to relocate them to my own home. Maybe I knew somehow that this mural was in danger of extinction. Anyway, it was a sad day that day as I realized this mural was only to live in my happy memories and thankfully on digital photographs.


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