Artistic License at The Madill Art Club

By Linda Whalon

If you are like me you prefer reading a book over seeing a movie based on a book. In some cases the movie barely represents the book at all except, perhaps, by it’s title. Recently I read “The Wizard of Oz.” I bet I watched the movie Wizard of Oz every year of my life as a child growing up, yet had never read the book. I was amazed at the difference in the story told in the beloved movie I grew up with and the story told in this classic children’s book.

After reading the book and thinking about the movie, I began to wonder about “artistic license.” Obviously this license was used in creating the movie we all know and love so well. For example, the wicked witch’s shoes Dorothy wore in the book were actually silver shoes, not ruby slippers. Unlike the movie, there was no horse of many colors in Oz, and Dorothy did not say, “there’s no place like home,” as she clicked her ruby slippers. Instead, she said, “take me to Aunt Em,” as she clicked her silver shoes.


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