The Peacemakers of our Communities

By Markwayne Mullin
U.S. Congressman, 2nd District

The men and women of law enforcement dedicate their entire careers to serving their community. Each day, there are countless police officers, sheriffs, marshals, and Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers across our state with one shared goal: keeping Oklahomans safe from harm. Law enforcement officials sacrifice time with their families and friends day-in-and-day-out to dutifully fulfill their role to keep peace among members of their community.

In recent years, many law enforcement officers have shouldered the consequences of a split-second decision in a media-driven world that watches closely and forgives rarely. Every move made by law enforcement is scrutinized, often on the national stage. Yet, these dedicated officers continue to be the loyal caretakers of our neighborhoods in our time of need. America is a nation of laws. In order to ‘establish Justice, [and] insure domestic Tranquility,’ just as our Founding Fathers envisioned, we must enlist a group of people to dutifully uphold our laws. To many, this seems an impossible and certainly unforgiving job. However, law enforcement officials willingly pledge their lives to maintaining peace in communities and working with the judicial branch to restore justice under the law.

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