The Madill Art Club Explains The ‘Beauty and the Beast

By Linda Whalon Madill Art Club Reporter

A recent “Focus on Faculty” interview of Casady Art Teacher, Megan Thompson, caught my interest. Megan shared that she tells her students not to expect their art project to turn out “right”…that would be “boring” she said. Her perspective reminded me of my own approach to a painting that has turned out to be a “Beast.” I make it a goal right then to turn it into a “Beauty.” I proceeded to take it from something I hate to my new favorite. It is a challenge to do and quite the opposite of “boring.”

To accomplish the challenge requires that I consider all of the tools in my tool box and all of the notes from art classes/workshops, but most importantly I have to go to my studio and get to work. Megan described a “studio” as a place to experiment and explore. I call my studio a “Free Zone” – no rules, no expectations, no judgment. A Free Zone to express what comes through me.


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